Month: August 2016


Where is your humanity?
You sold it for your vanity
and your need to be above.
Why so jealous?
Why so zealous?
To say you love Jesus
but you have no love?
What is that you gain
by saying I complain?
Do you not see your reflection vain?
not realizing you are doing the same?
Does it make you feel better to shame?
To take a person who is already low
befriend them first and then lay a blow
that came from the snow,
while we live in Louisiana?
If you are not a friend, please don’t begin
by saying that you are
my cuts run deep, anger always fresh
and you have no idea of my scars…
and I have no idea of yours, either
but I was never here to shame you, either.
…but maybe I was
Maybe I’m your Mirror.


Thank You,  Moon

I don’t know about any of you,  but for me, living with Major Depressive Disorder. …I see the moon coming and I see a week of reprieve.

Thank God for the Moon. 


I have been very sick lately.

It has been awful.

The anxiety is so thick that if I could remove it from my body, put it in a pot and cook it on the stove, it would make a sturdy roux, but it would taste like straight fuck.

I feel like I am losing my mind at a very rapid pace.

Too much change going on….

I suppose I do not handle change well, anymore.

I used to be able to deal with it, well, in my twenties. Back then, my life was nothing but constant change. But then I got settled down and in and it felt good. I got used to the monotony of doing the same things every day.

I got used to be being a mom, a damn good one. I got used to taking care of my family. I got used to washing dishes and clothes and cooking supper and cleaning the kitchen.

Then one day, everything was gone.

Everyone was gone.