Michelle, Kendra 2877

Michelle, I know this is hard, it is a card that came out the blue and I know you thought you were due for shit….but not this kind….I lost my mother, too. I want to tell you this will be easy but that would by sleazy cause it would be a lie and I ain’t that guy to tell you something that will make your brain fry more than it already is. I know this is hard…and I hate to tell you it will only get harder…the missing will be longer…you’ll sit back and wonder about all the questions that you didn’t ask, and afterwards, thinking yourself an ass…because you didn’t….and there just will come more knocking and screaming at your door and you’ll just want to run and hide…to go and scream somewhere inside a place where no one can hear and you don’t have to fear and though you want someone near…no one will be. But I will, if you’ll let me.

I love you.

I hope you’re ok.


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