No Suck

all alone I am teaching myself to stop being paranoid stop being so afraid…
Athena, you’re so bright they got to throw shade
but my positiveness helps not one little bit
cause I become afraid and I turn into shit
I become catatonic
from drinking the tonic
that’s laced with the juice
that was loosed from a goose….
and that goose is me
who was once the ugly duckling
my mommy was gone
so i had no suckling



  1. That’s the spirit! Fuckin aye, now you’re already going places. Ain’t no ugly duckling from where I’m sitting cuts those cords binding your wings down woman

    1. I love you so much that I feel like you’re out to get me. Yeah…I know, that’s sick…but…yeah…that is my reaction….like noooooo, he’s on Sith’s team….and then Luke is in my peripheral going, nah bitch, you got this..stop all that paranoia shit.

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