Obamacare is vagina hair growing from my navel

about four months ago I got me a job, a job that I like a job that makes me go to bed early at night. Never before have I kept one this long, except for the kind that require a thong. and now that I’m cozy climbing that ladder, a curve ball was thrown to make it all shatter. You see my dilemma and it’s not just my own I lost the only real insurance i’ve known since when I was a teen and living at home.

I had no idea this day would come and I tell you what, it’s got me numb. I have a few issues that I cannot afford, the price of my meds are a thing to abhor….but I need them to live and my employer wont seem to give me way in to his group policy.

I thought, oh well, I have money, so look here sonny, I don’t need your group, I’ll just go buy my piece of honey and then when I called I was surely appalled at this communist thing called obamacare.

Obama says November through January are those times of year which are very special, and to be clear, the reasons might make you fear because if you were like me, obliviously coasting along singing your sweet little song not paying attention to what could be wrong with the system we voted for but do not belong and happened to fall into a big rut and get yourself cut from the insurance you had cause the premiums went up… don’t worry about buying yourself a new plan, unless when you do it’s not past the span of the dates I mentioned before…cause come February 1, no money in the land will get you in the door, you WILL settle for medicaid and not a fucking thing more.


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