Month: June 2017

Horace B.

tonight I scaled a bridge it was a thing I’ve never done I went straight to the top the climbing wasn’t all that fun but I knew that I had won when I arrived at destination I had much appreciation f   or the thing crossed off my bucket list with little hesitation.

the climb was not real planned I decided just this morning to climb my states fourth highest bridge with almost zero warning. I guess the reason was that I got a little jealous to see the pics of meemoos on it and damn it made me zealous

the climb was really scary but around my neck a fairy that bottle of dust was a must to stifle some the worry. but I knew before I got there that I really had no fear because the simple truth is I won’t die as much as I sometimes care

I now think it funny how I never thought of jumping, not one time did it cross my mind while so high with heart all thumping.

but I sure could have….