The mania was good but here comes the crash I’m dust on the floor just a big pile of ash feeling good before but now looking for a sash to tie around my neck and hang like some trash.



  1. I love you.

    No matter the bleakest hell-spaces you may travel through, maybe seeming that life can never be made good: Fuck that shit.

    Turn off that illusion, not yourself. Don’t ever let the devil win. Because if you remember yourself, you are always gonna fucking win. Find that little microscopic spark of victory inside you, you may think it’s gone out but I bet you still got it. I know you still got it. Cultivate it.

    You’ve suffered a lot in this life, in ways that I can’t even imagine, and I ain’t sayin it’s all good now. It’s a hard damn road, i know. But you are deep, brilliant, beautiful lady; super talented, funny as hell. You’re really a genius. And you know what else: you are a fucking winner.

    Tell the damn devil to fuck off, he really has no power at all. Only illusion.

    Take good care of yourself.


      1. We’ve never met but i feel like i know you from somewhere in this life. Perhaps some day we’ll meet.

        I’m a man, age 57, living in northern California. Roots in northern Wyoming. Anyway, i’m just an ordinary person who has been through a lot of crazy times but who has also been very well blessed.

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