Head Case

it’s been a month since you beat me the fuck up
and I really do miss you
I wish I could put my tears in a cup
and splash that acid all over your face
no beauty left not even a trace
and then I’d erase all of the space that
you now consume in my fucking head case…

the thing is that you know how to fuck
and you do it so well
You are my same age and I can’t even tell
you aren’t a day past a day I wish I could dwell.

You body is lean and your muscles are thick
and don’t even mention the size of your dick
it’s long and its fat and it loves my sweet cat
and I love all of that upon which I once sat.

Writing these words is making me wet
and it’s making me wish that we never met
you think a thought and the words spill from me
and I think a thought and so agilely, you say what it is
with no fragility

You talk like a yank, and I shall be frank
that looking at you is like filling my tank
full of something that might feel something like crank
the day that you boarded me I know my ship sank

the way you go out and the way you come in
and the way you can do it all over again
I can’t even lie, it makes my head spin
and I can’t even lie it makes my mouth grin

I want you inside me right here and right now
and to say that out loud, I don’t know how
I can form my lips the same ones you kissed
the same way you licked me beneath my slim hips

I doubt that I’ll ever see you again
and I don’t care who reads this to their own chagrin
You make me ache for your thick steak I want you medium rare
that my vaginified oven will happily bake.


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