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Breastfeeding a 7-year Old: Part 32. Meet me…the real me




  1. The fathers should almost never get “custody” of kids. And full custody, no fucking way. They don’t even really want custody. They do this out of pure mean-ness and to score lots of narcissistic brownie points as a “single father” or “what a good guy.” Meanwhile the kids and mom are traumatized forever.

    As I’m sure you saw, the “family court” system in this country operates in a completely parallel dimension, in which the US Constitution does not exist. Money and connections quite blatantly win every time.

    My sister had a daughter with an egomaniac kung fu expert. They broke up, and “shared custody” for a while; my niece stayed with him on weekends. The guy was always gaslighting and playing games. Turned out that his mom was a millionaire pal of the local family court commissioner. Long story short, he got full custody; even got a restraining order against my sister: she can’t even see my niece. And THEN the guy became a fucking tranny!!! The world cheered.

    There is a special place in hell for these “fathers.”

    Stay strong.

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