I’m shaking like a leaf but I got this

My sight is 20/20 , so  I can’t miss 

Why am I so scared about fists 

That belong to another just fighting lists

Long ones I’ve been making since

I got pissed right after Christmas

And said fuck this,  I can’t take it anymore. 

And I shut the door,  but left it cracked

And that set me back 

Cause they used it for an attack

Take advantage of my lack 

And I don’t known why and

I’ve asked the sky so many times

Just tell me anything even if a lie

Cause answers are what I seek

But given that I’m meek

It took nothing but  a tweek

To make me the geek

And still I do not leak

And still I do not speak 

The things about the freak

I felt so long ago

And now my heart of woe

Is busting at its seems

I’m surrounded by fiends

Who find their means by injustice 


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