down for so long

“But I’ve been down for so long and I’ve been I’ve been keeping it too real, so Ima say what I want and I don’t care how you feel” -Jprice and ILOVEMAKKONEN

So here is the deal here’s what I’m trying to say and these words may come out a little miscommunicated because everyone who reads just ain’t gonna understand I hardly get it myself but I think it’s part of the plan…

Life is a mystery in this game Called “man” it’s as deep and mysterious as there are grains of sand…and the irony is that the sand falls so fast from the top to the bottom and it’s going so quick you don’t know where to stand and I’ve been in that sand for all of my life and I really get tired of whining about the strife so I did…prolly about ten years ago, so I just stay to myself and rarely leave my door…it’s a struggle to go out and get myself some food and to be really honest hungry never is my mood…my mood usually consists of two different ways, I’m either sleeping like Van Winkle or I’m up for several days.

I feel so much better when I’m up for several days but people make me guilty and say that my ways are not the way to be because staying up so long they say is something that is cray. In my defense I say crazy is a word that has become so fucking relative I could use it as a turd and throw in the face of every hypocrite who lies, steals, abuses and all that nasty shit….all I fucking do is stay the fuck awake and try to make sense of the things they try to take, and people that they took and they need to take a look and stay up for days until their head is shook.

(and now I need a hook, and now I need a hook)


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