I hate when the rhymes comes crash out my brain while I’m laying in bed with no mind to retain the surplus of manna shed from above.

I know it’s been sent with the truest of love.
Sometimes I write it and sometimes I won’t sometimes I should but I really just don’t have energy in me to look for a pen that puts the train on it’s tranks it’s got to start all again and usually I never have faith that it will so I keep lying down and I keep laying still.

Im’ fighting sleep hard like that fight with mcgregor and mayfield beating the shit out of each one another one black and one white and mayfield won the fight and now there’s all kinds of memes all up in my sight. They sayin a thing but meaning another and I really don’t get why we can’t just love one another…all this fight been deftly conceived by some real douchebag shits who are sucking our breathe…like dreams that few understand and eryone there standing in line like they got a jack and a queen to to put on parade when we’re burying our kids I wonder…if we’ll get we’ve been played.


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